About Us

This Corner was started as a concept in early 2019 to bring both Nozomi and Lee's passions together in one space. After cutting hair in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia over the course of 15 years, Nozomi wanted to create a space that combines high-end hair experience with an accessible price. Lee got jealous that Nozomi was creating such a welcoming space, so joined to bring his concept of finding everyday objects that improve your time at home.

Lee and Nozomi met in 2009 at a Guacamole-making competition in Brooklyn called Guactacular (Lee was one of the hosts). Though it took time for Nozomi to like avocado, they married in 2013, had a couple of kids and moved back to Philadelphia (Lee's birthplace) in 2016. 

Our shop opened at the end of 2019 on the corner of Pine St and Smedley. Before being This Corner, the space was a multi-generational deli. 

Nozomi Sawa


Lee Sawa-Frank