About Us

This Corner was started as a concept in early 2019 to bring both Nozomi and Lee's passions together in one space. Nozomi wanted to bring a high-end hair experience at a reasonable price, while Lee was fixated on finding objects to improve every corner of the home.

Our shop opened at the end of 2019 on the corner of Pine St and Smedley. Before being This Corner, the space was a multi-generational deli. You'll still see a Dietz & Watson deli above our door frame. Unfortunately, we don't sell hoagies, yet?

Nozomi Sawa


Hair stylist with experience in LA, NYC and PHL.

Likes tea, bikes, and hoodies.

This Corner’s Lead Stylist

Lee Sawa-Frank


Former e-Commerce Manager and current Project Manager.

Likes coffee, bikes, pocket tees.

This Corner’s Store Merchant